Haptics for Wearable Devices

Our EMP technology brings to life your wearable devices.

Living devices are now a reality with Novasentis technology. Our mission is to design and deliver ultra-thin and powerful EMP actuators to OEMs and product designers. We will shape the Neo-Sensory Age together with our customers and partners, empowering people to connect on a deeper physical and emotional level with their devices, and to each other through their devices.

The versatile features and slim form factor of EMP technology make innovative wearable devices more intuitive and effective than ever before. Imagine the possibilities with devices that help you learn, determine who’s calling, or help you navigate your way through a crowd—all in real-time and without the need for a display. Consumer electronics will never be the same. Our technology can also bring new innovations in medical, automotive, and industrial product design. EMP actuators enable hundreds of different haptic alerts felt directly on the skin. Know when an email is received, who is calling, or even if a daily walking goal has been achieved without looking.

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