Novasentis in the News

display week May, 2017
Watch the video from the Display Week in Los Angeles, CA
id tech ex November 17, 2016
Watch the video from the IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara, CA
August, 2016
Novasentis Takes Off with Market-Leading Haptic Technology
recycler July 6, 2016
Armor expands haptic manufacturing
armor July 6, 2016
ARMOR launches a new industrial activity to produce ultra-thin smart films for connected objects
slashgear May 25, 2016
Check out the haptic tech for wearables and VR making Apple’s look clunky
electro pages April 18, 2016
Getting it together – in a technological way
ee times April 15, 2016
KEMET to commoditize haptics
display daily April 14, 2016
Novasentis Gets Big-time Manufacturing Partner
cb insights December 29, 2015
Novasentis named one of the 10 High-Flying Companies To Watch At CES 2016
youtube November 29, 2015
YouTube: Flexible Haptics in Smartwatch wristbands by Novasentis
ecn September 4, 2015
Why Displays are Making Wearables a Viable Technology
penn state July 10, 2015
Innovation Park: he Story Behind Novasentis, Leader in the Advancement of Haptics Technology
youtube October 6, 2014
YouTube: Novasentis actuators enable lifelike keyboards and devices
Summer, 2014
Business Incubation: Turning Innovative Research Into Commercial Success
wired August 8, 2014
Wearables and the 'Neo-Sensory' Age
medgadget July 16, 2014
Electro-Mechanical Polymers in Medicine: Interview with Novasentis CEO Christophe Ramstein, PhD
wwn July 16, 2014
Wearables and the Neo-Sensory Age
pagemill March, 2014
Next Generation User Interface Technology Report
February, 2014
New Electro-Mechanical Polymer Actuator Technology for Better Interactivity
Trend toward Thinner, Lighter Devices Highlights Need for Tactile Feedback
Remember the simple joys of haptic feedback? Novasentis does
This year's show kicks off with a chance for some of the smaller manufacturers to shine
CES 2014 First Impressions: Mobile-enabled Hardware, Haptic Sensors, and New Robots
Novasentis Wants You To Reach Out and Touch Them
The Flexible Polymer Novasentis that will change the stiffness of our devices #CES2014
2014 International CES
This Magical Tech Could Make Mobile Keyboards Suck Way Less
January, 2014
The Enterprise Wearables
wsj 11/15/13
Keypad Film Changes Shape With a Touch
Novasentis EMP Actuator and Sensor Technology Selected as 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Winner
wsj 10/30/13
Samsung Backs Tactile-Feedback Tech Co. Novasentis
5electron 10/09/13
New Haptics Technologies Will Improve Consumer Electronics Design
tab 09/17/13
Tablets of the Future Will Reach Out and Touch Us
chip chick 07/15/13
New Electro Mechanical Polymer Could Make Touchscreen Keyboards a Little More Physical
ee times 05/03/13
New growth opportunities for Electroactive Polymers
Electroactive Polymers and Devices 2013-2018: Forecasts, Technologies, Players
extreme tech 04/10/13
Shape-changing plastic could give touchscreens real physical clicky keyboards
mit 04/09/13
A Flexible Keyboard with Buttons That Feel Clickable
mit 04/09/13
A Flexible Keyboard with Buttons That Feel Clickable
5 keystone edge 03/21/13
Strategic Polymer Sciences in State College gets ready to manufacture and hire
printed electronics world 03/06/13
Haptic feedback for touch screen devices
technology tell 01/09/13
CES 2013: Take a Look into the Future of Haptic Feedback
dvice 01/09/13
New polymers magically transform into haptic buttons and speakers
the register 01/09/13
Guitar-playing keys enable extremely thin keyboards
shortnews 01/09/13
Novel EMPs magic buttons and speaker on otherwise smooth surfaces
phys org 01/09/13
Company unveils haptic EMP feedback keyboard at CES
Force feedback could be the sequel to the touchscreen craze

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