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CREATE AN ENGINEERING MASTERPIECE that empowers people to have a deeper physical and emotional connection to others and the world through their devices.  Novasentis breakthrough technology makes it possible. This is the evolution of man-machine interaction – what we call the Neo Sensory Age. Technology that enables devices to come alive through collocated touch feedback, vibrations, sounds, movement, and real-time surface deformation. A natural and rich experience that makes any consumer electronics device feel almost lifelike, and makes us smile. Sophisticated, yet simple. Ultra thin and light, yet extremely powerful. Flexible, multifunctional, and highly responsive. The Electro Mechanical Polymer actuator and sensor technology sits on top of a scientific advancement and cutting-edge design, as well as easy simplicity. This is a masterpiece in and of itself - the mind-blowing innovation that is now available for integration into your newest products.

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