Novasentis actuators are a revolutionary, next-generation haptics technology with the unique ability to provide localized, bodily sensations and tactile effects currently unavailable with any other product in the market. These flexible and versatile actuators can be used in a broad range of applications including AR/VR, wearables, sports training, gaming controllers, as well as in visionary products of the future that leverage human-computer interaction. With LiveTouch haptic skin technology designers can add the sense of touch to the surface of products providing:
With LiveTouch haptic skin technology designers can add the sense of
touch to the surface of products providing:

Localized, independent sensations that enhance user experience

Natural, organic, authentic touch sensations

Programmable, customizable effects providing a unique range of sensations


Novasentis’ thin, flexible actuators are made from a unique electro-active polymer film that delivers piezoelectric effects at lower operating voltages, when compared to traditional piezoelectric. In an unpowered state, the molecular structure of the film is randomly aligned. When powered, the molecules align in a direction that elongates the film, creating the piezoelectric effect.
Bonding or integrating our actuator to a rigid substrate transforms actuator elongation into out-of-plane vibration, creating the haptic effect. Because our integrated haptic devices vibrate well over a large range of frequencies, they enhance user experience with rich, low frequencies that provide pleasant sensations and higher frequencies that impart the detail and overtones creating effects with unusually natural sensations. In fact, they can produce audible sound when they vibrate in response to audio signals, similar to speakers. Amazingly enough, our actuators can simultaneously provide both haptic and audio feedback.

IC driver partnership

Novasentis has partnered with the most innovative organizations in the world to create a high-capacity, consumer market scale supply chain capable of providing every needed sub-component and technology. This includes resin formulation & production, film casting, actuators manufacturing, flex attachment and final product integration together with the needed electronics to drive the actuators, to provide the needed touch sensation.

We have partnered with Microchip to create the smallest chipset for the haptic application and are further miniaturizing the chip in the near future.

For more information about Microchip solution see the link below:

HV56020: Dual 250V Haptic Drive Amp Array w/Boost

HV56022: Dual 250V Haptic Drive Amplifier Array

The advantages are:

Optimized to drive

Optimized to drive
Novasentis actuators

Priced for market

Priced for consumer

High reliability


Operational amplifiers

Two channels
operational amplifiers

voltage swing

Up to +235V output
voltage swing

over temperature

over-temperature, short
circuit protection


Novasentis actuators replace eccentric rotating mass (ERMs) and linear resonant actuators (LRAs) to enable a natural user interaction.

Novasentis actuators
bring unique advantages including:

Providing a natural sense of touch

Increasing sense of realism

Increasing immersion combining audio/visual/touch

Better notification/feedback

Enhancing user satisfaction

Variable Haptic Alerts: programmable haptic feedback that feels natural, providing a rich user experience

Localized HD Haptics: Novasentis actuators, unlike LRAs and ERMs, don’t shake the entire device and can be embedded into products to vibrate when and where it matters. For example, different haptic alerts can convey a variety of information


Our actuators are a much thinner, lighter, and more flexible alternative to other whole-body haptic solutions that use outdated motors like ERMs and LRAs.

Novasentis actuators greatly increase the feel and functionality of smart devices, offering the following features:

Extremely thin and flexible, enabling them to be conformally embedded into a variety surfaces for many applications to provide high quality haptic feedback

Wide frequency range, from Hz to kHz, provides haptic and audio feedback

Varying texture effects, that are specific to the input file (like a song), providing for unique, multi-dimensional user experiences not possible with other current technologies

Multi-location effects, whereby multiple actuators can be applied to different locations of the same surface and vibrated in a desired order to deliver a plurality of feedback approaches that combine pattern recognition and effect recognition. Novasentis’ technology lays the foundation for developing computer-man interfaces based on a new haptic language