As creators of the world’s thinnest haptic actuator and sensor technology, Novasentis is poised to usher in a new age for the consumer electronics world - the Neo-Sensory Age. The mission and vision of Novasentis is to shape the Neo-Sensory Age and to empower people to have a deeper physical and emotional connection to the world through their devices.

The company was founded in 2006 as the brainchild of entrepreneur and former Apple Corporation (NASDAQ: AAPL) executive Ralph Russo, and globally recognized researcher and inventor of EMP technology Dr. Qiming Zhang. The company spent a decade researching and developing EMPs as the most advanced and innovative platform technology of its kind.

Today the company is focused on ultra-thin, light and flexible film-based haptic actuators for applications such as AR/VR, smart watches, wrist bands, smart clothing etc. We are working with global OEMs and ODMs to bring our product to market via best in class wearable products.

Novasentis EMP technology is making history by expanding the sensory interactions of life. Through miniaturization and innovative material dynamics we are expanding and redefining the boundaries of man-machine interaction. In meeting the growing demand for lighter, thinner, smaller and more flexible devices, our ultra-thin, EMP actuators will bring devices to life.