With Novasentis actuators, numerous applications- some never before imagined-are now possible. Such applications are internally developed while others are created in collaboration with customers who are finding our thin film, flexible haptic technology both exciting and enabling. Examples of potential applications include:

AR/VR Applications – Wireless Gloves:

In the next wave of AR/VR, haptic gloves enabled with our actuators will no longer be tethered; they will go wireless. This is made possible by the lower operating voltage, thin form factor, ideal size and flexibility of the actuators. Future wireless haptic gloves will have fine haptics feedback, with the ability to provide multiple haptic actuators on each finger.

Sports training:

Almost all sports require the player to develop the right muscle memory to perform well. To help provide players with the right feedback to learn the perfect golf or baseball swing, for example, Novasentis actuators can be applied to equipment, the body, and gear to create very fine haptic feedback and enhance training time.

Smart clothing:

In the not too distant future, our clothes will serve multiple functions and be interconnected with consumer electronics and other technologies. Our actuators can be imbedded in fabric to add haptics sensations into clothing for customizable user experiences.